Olivia Herb Bleach = 8 G

Aqua, Hydrogen peroxide (4.25% w/w)*, Ammonium bicarbonate. (*When Packed)

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If you are looking for lighter-looking, beautiful skin, you are at the right place. Infused with nimbu, nature’s very own bleach agent, Olivia Herb Bleach fades unwanted hair on your face, body and arms with surprising ease. Let the magic of haldi and chandan make you fairer day by day!

Mix the content in the ratio of 6.5g Cream to 1g Activator.
7.5 g pack is for one time use over face and neck. 15g pack can be used twice over face and neck. 30g pack can be used 4 times over face and neck and a 60g pack is for 9 times use over face and neck.\
Wash the area to be bleached with cold water and dry normally.
Using spatula, mix the Cream and Activator for 2 mins.
Apply in the opposite direction of hair, covering it completely.
Dark Skin Tones to apply the bleach for not more than 8 mins. Wheatish Skin Tones to apply for 10 mins only. Fair Skin Tones should apply the bleach for 10 mins only.
Use post bleach serum after washing for a unique glow

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